22/01/16 – J Dilla Memory Lane with ELZHI (Det-US) + LIGNE 81 (Bx-BE) + Guests DJs
22 Jan 2016

22/01/16 – J Dilla Memory Lane with ELZHI (Det-US) + LIGNE 81 (Bx-BE) + Guests DJs

◇ Da BlueFunk District & BeatChronic present

22 Jan 2016

◇ Da BlueFunk District & BeatChronic present ◇


A night dedicated to the memory of one of the largest hip hop producers from Detroit who left us already 10 years ago : James Yancey aka Jay Dee aka J Dilla aka Da Goat !


Elzhi is a prolific rapper from Detroit. Since the beginning of 1998, he participated in many projects and not the least. His first EP will fall into the hands of J-Dilla for remixes that will not end before his death. The two years that followed, he will integrate 9-2-5 Colony and work with the producer Wajeed. Quickly noticed on the US rap scene, It’s in 2002 that he integrates Slum Village. Then in 2011, it is the year of consecration. He released the now classic and world famous “Elmatic”, a tribute to the first album of Nas “Illmatic”. This mixtape, soon considered as an album, was acclaimed by the press, DJs and the public. Elzhi returns this year with its atypical flow on an album in progress “Lead Poison” which can already hear some songs on the web.


❑ LIGNE 81

A Well-Know Collectif from Brussels who made out for a while, composed of several MC’s Sanzio, Furio, Ypsos et DJ Fabot. Their first album will be released at the end of winter.
Discover live and exclusively on this evening of january, several tracks from their new directory, all produced by Smimooz, Defi J, Cris Prolific, John Z, Olvo !



Djs after shows all night :

✧ G-Kut
✧ Smimooz
✧ Defi J
✧ Grazzhoppa
✧ Cris Prolific


Visual Artists :

✧ Sandrine Astier
✧ Fred Lebbe – FarmProd
✧ Kool Koor
✧ Exhibition Resurget Cineribus

Entrance :

☞ 10e (Presale) (Maestro/Visa/Mastercard)
☞ 13e (Doors)

Get Ready to Witness Da Fitness !

Da Lovelution Ain’t Stoppin’ >>>>

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