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Meet The Beats


Presentation MTB Montreal

« Meet the Beats: Montreal » is a documentary about how bilinguism in Quebec can influence music production. BeatChronic’s team met musicians asking them to share their daily experiences. The coverage is focused on the way they express their music, their perception of the relationship between art and money, the « Piu-Piu » movement in Montreal and the sharing in the community.

Meet The Beats is a serie that provides the discovery of musical scenes emerging in big cities through a cultural thematic.

Starring: High Klassified [Alaiz’/Fool’s Gold], Jam [K6A], Joe Rocca [Dead Obies],Kaytranada [Alaiz’/The Celestics/HW&W], Gayance [Les Beats/Piu-Piu], KNLO[Alaclair Ensemble], Louie P [Alaiz’/The Celestics], Maybe Watson [Alaclair Ensemble], Nico Boesten , Robert Nelson [Alaclair Ensemble], Simon ST x Liam [TrustTheTeam], Steve & Dan [Death Of Vinyl Recordshop] and Tibe [Zen Supremacy]


Premiere at Bozar