10 Juin 2015

BeatChronic presents “Maybe Belgium” #8: Russel Clay

Musicien accompli, Russel Clay nous emmène dans

10 Juin 2015

Musicien accompli, Russel Clay nous emmène dans un univers onirique à la fois ténébreux et lumineux. Les sons qu’il compose au moyen d’un appareillage analogique sur mesure vous transporteront entre compositions classiques et techno machinale, avec des influences électroniques tels que le breakcore ou encore l’acid.Russel Clay fait partie de FTRSND, une initiative bruxelloise qui rassemble les producteurs de musique électronique “fait maison”.

“Music has always played a main role in my life, whether it was playing electric guitar in a metal band or classical sonatas on the flute. Nowadays, I’m still meandering through different genres and always on the lookout for new and exciting music.

I have concentrated my musical affections in dark electronic music because I feel that this genre provides the liberty for me to experiment. Personally, I perceive music as a constant creative process which is deeply anchored in my daily routine and honestly, quiet moments are rare but not at all less appreciated.

Two close friends of mine who are also producers play a very big role in my musical activities. I have added them in my playlist because the three of us have a big influence on each other. Sonøren, Khan and Neon Type all make amazing music and they’re always glad to lend a helping hand in my times of doubt. Another major source of inspiration are all the artists who are part of FTRSND. We’re a collective of electronic artists who all have a certain singularity in our music, we’re more than that actually, I think we could call ourselves a family.”

– Russel Clay

BeatChronic presents “Maybe Belgium” #8 : Russel Clay by Beatchronic on Mixcloud

Toutes les transitions sont réalisées par Russel Clay


Artwork par Tzar




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