07/02/16 – MNDSGN (LAX) & IVAN AVE (NOR) @ Epicerie Moderne
07 Fév 2016

07/02/16 – MNDSGN (LAX) & IVAN AVE (NOR) @ Epicerie Moderne

◇ Da BlueFunk District & BeatChronic present

07 Fév 2016

◇ Da BlueFunk District & BeatChronic present ◇


❑ Mndsgn

Pronounced “mind design”, “mndsgn” is the moniker of Ringo Ancheta, a hip-hop producer who’s had anything but a carefree childhood. Brought up amidst video games and Hip-Hop, he had to flee the Philippines in the late 80’s with his parents, because of terrorist threats. The family ended up in the outside areas of New Jersey, USA. That’s where he grew up, in a house without electricity. Hitchhiking, he ended up in Philadelphia where he got hooked up on music. He made loops using samples and other people’s equipment for what seemed like the longest time — which eventually brought him to Los Angeles, where he got signed on the cult label “Stones Throw”. In 2014, he released his debut album “Yawn Zen”. Mndsgn’s beats involve a certain complexity and ambulance within itself, with Soul as a prominent leitmotiv.


❑ Ivan Ave

A hardworking rapper from Oslo, known for his prolificacy, collaborations and production-wise; from the soulful “Mutual Intentions” (a crew out of Oslo, a patchwork of visual and music artists) to his featuring with rappers like Blu and J’Von.
In 2014, he released “Low Jams”, an EP produced by Mndsgn. Then recently, he dropped his brand new piece — titled “Helping Hands” — on Jakarta Records (a great label, by the way).
Still sailing on the waves of “Low Jams”, which found him showing off his skills at mingling and mastering smooth and organic vibrations with a somewhat relaxed rap-flow, he takes it up a notch on this latest piece, creating great atmospheric slices — short symphonies, really



Dj host : 72 Soul aka Lazy Rebel ‘Fresh’ (BX-BE)

✥ Guests live shows :

❒ Shungu (Bx-BE) beat set

❑ Le Motel (Bx-Be) beat set

❒ Romeo Elvis & Jr. Goodfellaz (Bx-Be)


☞ Entrance :
Presales : 10e
Door : 13e

Get Ready to Witness Da Fitness !

Da Lovelution Ain’t Stoppin’ >>>>

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