BeatChronic presents “Maybe Belgium” #3 : Turtle Master
22 Jan 2015

BeatChronic presents “Maybe Belgium” #3 : Turtle Master

“I got interested by music through dance.

22 Jan 2015

“I got interested by music through dance. After nearly 15 years of B-boying, I could gather quite a lot of tracks because the beats we danced to were hard to find on the net. It opened my mind because compared to most kids of my generation; I didn’t grow up with the charted hits. B-boys older than me have broadened my culture and it got wider when I came to age to go out party and I could get into different kinds of electronic sounds. Today, I can’t figure my life without music. Back home, I recall my mother telling me “You’ve bought cds again? But you already have so many!” a bit like if they were clothes. It always made me laugh.”

– @turtle-master

BeatChronic presents “Maybe Belgium” #3 : Turtle Master by Beatchronic on Mixcloud

Tracklist ID:

01. Prince Phillip Mitchel – You’ll Throw Bricks At Him
02. Turtle Master – I Can Do It
03. Freddy Bracker – Hashtapes
04. J Dilla – Let’s Pray Together
05. Kid Atlaas – Gourmandise
06. Redinho – Jacuzzi
07. Suff Daddy – Pre Game Chillout
08. Wary Bhite – Gone too Far
09. Uku Kuut – Soft Fashion
10. 7 Days Of Funk – It’s Not A Secret
11. Parliament – Theme From The Black Hole
12. Boxcutter – Panama
13. Beath – FMC
14. Cameo – She’s Strange
15. Dabeull – In DAstudio #2
16. Brandy – I Wanna Be Down (LeMarquis Remix)
17. Kelela – Send Me Out (Obey City RMX)
17. Alaclair Ensemble – FASTLANE (avec Kaytranada)
18. Maverick – Around Here
19. ??? (more info TBA)
20. Clockwork Indigo – Butterfly Effect
21. Caballero – Mérité

Artwork made by Sébastien Collet

– Open Your Musical Mind –

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