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Graveyard Producer


Hailing from Brussels, Producer/DJ Zomb. first started drawing attention to his production skills by bringing into the limelight American hip hop productions of the last decade. Widely considered as one of the most unique producers, Zomb can be best described as being at the crossroads of LA’s electronic beat scene and the New York’s rap minimalism delivering a refreshing new sound to his audience.

Deriving influences from A Tribe Called Quest, Aesop Rock and AmmonContact, Zomb. is an innovative and immersive producer who brings out colour and mood whilst also unleashing hypnotic vibrating soundscapes upon each listen. Zomb’s attention to detail in production, and willingness to break the mould of what he sees as his own potential, have made him an interesting figure to watch.

Albums :

  • Dishit (2016)
  • Distraction (2015)