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Ya Radio Soleil


DJ and beatsmith extraordinaire ShunGu has been dropping cosmic killer beats in Brussels since 2011.ShunGu began making music because he was a massive fan of Madlib and J Dilla. His passion for listening to music has seen him create projects that can’t just be played in the background, but is meant to be examined and picked at warranting your attention.

He’s well known for making astral beats that are fizzling and rich in flavour, exploding with spaced out vibes. Further cementing himself in the music scene as an eclectic producer with 6 years of experience on the famous MPC Akai.This has seen him perform a string of gigs in countries such as London, Russia, Oakland, Italy, Austria, Portugal and France. He also made a special appearance at The Lot Radio in NYC. Sampling and music-making are part of his daily life, which is why in 2016 ShunGu was invited to play Boiler Room in London further cementing his dedication for the music.

Shungu has also been invited to appear on your favourite dj Lefto’s radio show, and shared the stage with Kaytranada, Mndsgn, Suff Daddy, Flo Filz to name a few. Whether it’s with his remixes or instrumentals, ShunGu has a way to spin it into his own interpretations. Taking you on a cosmic journey with his sonic beats and out-of-this world DJ sets.
ShunGu’s DJ sets explore the depths of soul music, experimental beats, spiritual jazz, boogie-funk and hip-hop gems throughout his Radio Soleil concept.


  • All Stars III (2017)
  • 24 HOURS (2015)

Hightlighted Tracks 
Black Weed – Horror Boréale, Horror Boréale 2016 
Rejjie Snow – Mama Africa, The Moon & you 2017

MPC 2000XL, Sp 404, Vinyls, Fender Rhodes, Ms 20 Korg

Appears in/with
Blackweed, Chester Watson (USA), Ivan Ave (NOR), BMB The SpaceKid (RU), Quelle Chris (USA), L’Or Du Commun, Hot Records Societe (USA), Fresh Selects (USA), Boiler Room, Cosmic Pop Records, Chester Watson (USA), Rejjie Snow (IE), Quelle Chris (USA), Fresh Daily (USA), Scienze (USA), J-Von (USA), Tamara Renée, Stanley Ikpuss, Kreshik, 72 soul, Kaytranada (CA), Azizi Gibson (USA), Silk Rhodes (USA), Flo Filz (DE), Lefto, Suff Daddy (DE), Mndsgn (USA), Clap Clap (IT), Kirk Knight (USA), Pink Siifu (USA)