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ShunGu is a beatmaker and DJ based


ShunGu is a beatmaker and DJ based in Brussels. The producer has 5 years worth of experience on the MPC 2000XL and strong influence from the likes of Madlib, and J Dilla. This already brought him to London, Moscow, Oakland, Italy, Austria or even France.Whether with his remixes or instrumentals, ShunGu always leaves way for new interpretations…His DJ sets plumb the depths of soul music, experimental beats, spiritual jazz,boogie-funk or hip-hop gems.


  • All Stars III (2017)
  • 24 HOURS (2015)

Equipment : MPC 2000XL
Collabs: Blackweed (BE), Chester Watson (USA), Ivan Ave (NOR), BMB TheSpaceKid (RU), Quelle Chris (USA),L’Or Du Commun (BE), Hot Records Societe, Fresh Selects, Boiler Room, Cosmic Pop Records (BE)




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