15/03/2017- Meet The Beats: Montréal – Premiere @Bozar
15 Mar 2017

15/03/2017- Meet The Beats: Montréal – Premiere @Bozar

As announced earlier, the time for the

15 Mar 2017

As announced earlier, the time for the first full broadcast of « Meet the Beats: Montréal » has come.

« Meet the Beats: Montréal » is a documentary about how a dialect from Quebec can influence music production. BeatChronic’s team met musicians asking them to share their daily experiences.
We focused on the way they express their music, their perception of the relationship between art and money, the « Piu-Piu » movement in Montréal
The documentary’s aim is to discover musical scenes emerging in a big city like Montréal through a cultural thematic.

Starring: High Klassified [Alaiz’/Fool’s Gold], Jam [K6A], Joe Rocca [Dead Obies], Kaytranada [Alaiz’/The Celestics/HW&W], Gayance [Les Beats/Piu-Piu], KNLO [Alaclair Ensemble], Louie P [Alaiz’/The Celestics], Maybe Watson [Alaclair Ensemble], Nico Boesten , Robert Nelson [Alaclair Ensemble], Simon ST x Liam [TrustTheTeam], Steve & Dan [Death Of Vinyl Recordshop] and Tibe [Zen Supremacy]


RSVP or at doors
[Limited Places : 150 ]



19.00: Opening
19.30: Thanks
19.45: Projection
20:30 : End



Mathias Chaboteaux, Andy De Keersmaecker, Alexis Lutters, Yannick De Brouwer, Louis Shungu, David Ferral, Sofia Rasquin, Lucien Leyh, Margot Scouarnec, Priscilla Lowe,Constantin Didisheim, Phong Nguyen, Nikita Collienne, Colin Ambrozy and Emilie Ysebaert.



Bureau International Jeunesse
Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles/Officiel
LOJIQ – Les Offices jeunesse internationaux du Québec

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