10/03/2017- Bloomin’ w/ ShunGu & Indigo Mango
10 Mar 2017

10/03/2017- Bloomin’ w/ ShunGu & Indigo Mango

BLOOMIN’ #5 on the way! ————————–—- As

10 Mar 2017

BLOOMIN’ #5 on the way!

As you know now you are about to witness 2 belgian artists we believe will bloom at any moment. We are pleased to welcome ShunGu and Indigo Mango in the BLOOMIN’s club.


** SHUNGU **

ShunGu is a beatmaker and DJ based in Brussels.
With 5 years worth of experience on the MPC 2000XL and strong influence from the likes of Madlib, and J Dilla he’s managed to carve out an ever-changing sound of his own. Whether with his remixes or instrumentals, ShunGu always leaves way for new interpretations


** Indigo Mango § The Kameleons **

Indigo Mango & The Kameleons is neo-soul/funk band from Brussels, based around singer-songwriter Jordan Dressen.
Once given up on music, he found his groove again upon discovering a new and innovative jamming scene in Brussels, in the name of the Mecanic Voodoo collective. With lyrics based on impressions found wandering through the city, he transforms images into songs.


Our DJ Fiasco, a member of Beatchronic, will get you in the mood and blast out some funky tunes.





-March, 10th –
-Bar du Matin,
Chaussée d’Alsemberg, 172 –

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